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It includes stock control, wages, commissions and sales tracking with an easy user interface. Overkill for your business? Never. With Platinum’s affordable pricing you can have the best for less.

Bookings and Client information

User interface that is easy and quick to learn. Show bookings for which therapists, time and type of booking. Booking Key; Blue Bookings are confirmed and green are completed. Point your mouse over the booking and the clients details appear including the status of the booking. You can have unlimited therapists and customize their working hours.

Customer details are kept in memory and can be recalled at any time. Platinum can link and sell multiple products per booking and give commission to the person that sells the product. Platinum can store confidential information per customer i.e. allergies, preferences and hang ups.

Platinum keep a full history for each client so no more messy cards or trying to remember, just look up what product or treatment or what therapist did what last.


Cash up per User / Therapist. Easy to use sales interface. Payment screen gives a detailed report of the customers bill and gives change. When selecting cash, credit card, loyalty or cheque the cash drawer will open and the receipt will print. The correct change will also be displayed.

Stock Management

Do you currently have a complicated inventory system? Platinum does inventory on one screen. Full break down of cost, Multiple suppliers per item, scale items, barcodes and even production items. Unlimited products, departments, revenue centers and locations. Even multiple stores.