Platinum Cloud:

a. Online Reporting and Business Management Portal.
b. Real time financial and sales anaylsis reporting
c. Manage, create and edit your products in the cloud

*Platinum Cloud puts the power back in your hands 24 hours a day from any device any where!

Platinum Mobile Sales App:

a. View sales and other important data LIVE from your mobile device
b. Analyze data, daily, monthly and yearly
c. Multiple branch management – view all businesses from one app
d. Maintain budgets per branch and monitor store performance

Platinum Integrated SMS:

a. Owners receive daily ‘Day End’ figures
b. Owners receive hourly turnover figures
c. Send account balance’s to all your debtors
d. Send loyalty points balances
e. Send specials and promotions to your customers
f. Send important messages to all staff

Platinum Tablet POS:

a. The most feature packed POS Tablet on the market
b. Tableside Ordering
c. Increase speed of service to your customers
d. Prices and specials at your waitrons fingertips

Platinum Digital Menu Boards:

a. 100% real-time price and item updates
b. Change menus on the fly at zero cost
c. Live specials and event information
d. Upload images when and how you want
e. LED TV and tablet interface

Platinum Apex:

a. Live Dashboard with all your vital information
b. Live Tables, Tabs, Take Aways and Sales Orders
c. Live Kitchen and bar orders with average order times
d. Live Digital Menu Board with immediate changes on the fly
e. Add loyalty customers and handle complaints

*Give your managers the power of Platinum Apex to keep your business running smoothly!

Platinum OnTime:

a. Wireless time and attendance device
b. Generate shift reports with ease and print pay slips
c. Adjust users times and shifts as required

*Keep your staff in check with Platinum OnTime

Platinum Waiter and Guest Ordering Pagers:

a. Coaster Pagers for Takeaway stores – Vibrate flash and alert your customer once the order is ready
b. Waitron Pagers for Restaurants – call and page waitrons once the food order is ready in the kitchen
c. Push for Service Kits – Push for service transmitters, send notifications with a simple press of a button

* Keep your staff on their toes with Platinum Hospitality Solutions


a. Embedded DVR Units
b. HD Quality – IP or AHD Cameras
c. Remote Viewing Off Site – Smart Phone Support
d. Tamper proof technology
e. Lease or Outright purchase available

Other Services:

a. Anti-Virus solutions
b. Cloud Backups – Ensure your data is secure and safe
c. Laptops, Desktop Computers, Printers and Accessories
d. ADSL and 3G Connectivity