Who is reconciling your cash up?

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Are they doing it correctly?

Do you have a dedicated person who is not involved in the day to day running of your business reconciling cash ups and performing daily banking? Is that person checking all the necessary reports? Do they question the staff on any anomalies such as voids, re-opening of tables, cash and card inaccuracies?

Do you know the security rights?

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Are you sure you know what's happening on your system?

Does your managers have access to add new users?  WHY?  Would you give your pin code and bank card out to your manager?  Why would you give them access to the most secure part of your system.

When last did you look at your discount report?

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Do you know where to find all of Platinum's management reporting?

Are you sure your staff are not performing discounts, voids, re-opening of tables without authorisation?

When last did you question your staff?

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Do you question your staff on system corrections?

When last did you generate the necessary reports and question your staff on WHY they perform certain transactions?  Table Transfers, Item Transfers, Voids, Corrections, Re-opening of tables,.

We find that Restaurant and Retail business owners get so involved in allowing their managers to run the store they forget to question the important items pertaining to security on their point of sale system.

Platinum POS records all important transactions performed but there is still a vital part that owners need to be aware of and ask yourself?

  • What should i allow my managers to do?

  • Am i giving my managers too much access to my system?

  • When last did i question my managers on their duties?

The only time the important questions get asked, is when its too late!

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