Zero consumables, printer jams and lost dockets, Platinum Order Displays makes Kitchen, Bar and Takeaway orders easy.

If you own a restaurant and are looking for another method to send your orders to the kitchen instead of using an impact receipt printer, then take a look at Platinum Order Displays .

Platinum Order Display system sends your orders directly to a monitor so the kitchen staff can easily read the orders.  Still want your standard kitchen printer?  NO PROBLEM, Platinum order displays are designed to work in conjunction with your standard kitchen printer and streamline the order process in your business.

The advantages of using Platinum Order Displays System are:

  • No more lost or damaged order tickets
  • Staff can easily view orders in sequence
  • Staff can easily view order modifiers
  • Staff can scroll through orders on demand
  • Staff can see order time, prep time and slow dockets
  • Display shows completed and open orders
  • Improves overall kitchen efficiency
  • Audio alerts for new orders
  • Pays for itself over time by saving on printer paper and ribbon costs


By implementing our Platinum Order System you are guaranteed to streamline the efficiency of your kitchen.  Use it in conjunction with our famous Platinum Apex management software and the manager can view the average order time in the kitchen to ensure all the staff are informed of what is happening.