Platinum integrated SMS, another great feature to improve and streamline your business.

SMS  is an effective tool for business communications because of its simplicity, ease of use and reach. SMS is available on virtually all mobile phones and over all mobile networks with a reach of 5 billion phones worldwide, making it the world’s most pervasive communications technology

Every customer that walks into your business is a marketing opportunity.   With Platinum POS you can capture that information and use it to inform your customer of specials, Loyalty Points and Debtor Balances.  Whether its directly from the point of sale or the back office, Platinum will allow you to capture that vital information to keep your customers informed.

Platinum integrated SMS even allows you to accept replies from customers – Se“Dear Mr Jones, thank you for your dining with us, please kindly rate our service?”   The customer can then reply to that SMS and it appears directly in your Platinum POS System “Thank you so much the meal was great, our waitron James was so friendly and very helpful”


  • Owners receive daily ‘Day End’ figures.
  • Owners Receive hourly turnover updates. 
  • Send account balances to all your debtors.
  • Send loyalty Points balances 
  • Send Specials and Promotions to your customers
  • Send messages to all staff at once etc.
  • Receive replies from customers and monitor messages