Platinum Cloud – Are you ready?

//Platinum Cloud – Are you ready?

Platinum Cloud – Are you ready?

Platinum Cloud gives the user the ability to manage their entire business from anywhere in the world.  Here are some ways Platinum Cloud can benefit your business:

1. Remote control

Platinum Cloud can be controlled on your mobile device and through the Cloud. You don’t have to be present in the store to know what’s happening, combined with our mobile sales app you have a winning formula. If you’re a manager, you’ve probably noticed your business suffers when you not there.  A solid POS system does some of your work for you, and allows you to leave the premises. Since you can’t be there all the time, Platinum Cloud updates you on what’s happening as it performs some of the important tasks for you.

2. Ease of managing promotions and price changes

Managing your promotions and price changes are essential to many small businesses for both attracting and retaining customers. Especially when it comes to short-term promotions, many businesses struggle to keep track of the terms, duration, and specifications, if you running multiple branch’s you need to stay on top of things, Platinum Cloud gives you that ability. Most businesses have multiple promotions occurring at the same time. Failing to keep track of promotions leads to lost sales and lost patrons because customer care suffers.

3. Inventory

Manage your inventory in the simplest way possible.   Make the necessary changes to ensure your business is running smoothly, recipes and profit margins are in tact and your staff are completing their daily tasks as required.

4. Trends

Platinum cloud allows you to track your sales trend and consumption with ease.  No need for your managers to email you day end reports so you can scrutinize the daily sales.  Platinum Cloud allows you to view all your sales stats at a click of a button.  Make informed business decisions on the go. Multiple branch’s? Compare each branch against one another and view which branch is contributing the most to the success of your franchise.

Combine Platinum Cloud with our tablet solution and you have a winning formula!

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