Platinum Pay @ Table makes your customers feel secure and eliminates mistakes by staff.


Platinum Pay @ Table

Increased Revenue

The Platinum Pay @ Table platform allows staff to spend more time in their assigned section, instead of processing checks. The more time servers can spend in their section, the more opportunity they have to up-sell food and beverages and provide an enhanced experience.



EMV is coming!
Are you ready?
The time to prepare and plan for EMV acceptance is now. The Platinum Pay @ Table platform provides a comfortable and elegant experience for chip and PIN transactions.


Guest Engagement

With the elimination of back-and-forth trips to the point of sale to process transactions, servers will spend more time in their sections engaging with guests. An elevated dining experience creates higher guest satisfaction and return business.


TableSafe Protects Your Restaurant

Every transaction processed on the Platinum Pay @ Table platform is encrypted. You no longer have the risk associated with storing credit card numbers.


Saves You Money

With the Platinum Pay @ Table platform implemented at your restaurant you will save on expensive PCI audit fees, thermal paper, back of the house processes, and more!


A Platform For All Payment Types

The Platinum Pay @ Table platform allows you to accept all types of payment without any integration headache. Examples include, credit, cash, e-wallets, mobile devices, EMV and more!

Point of Sale

  • Order Screens are designed for minimal finger presses
  • Quick Cash Buttons ($100, $50, $20, $10, $5)speed up transactions
  • Integrate with Platinum Handhelds
  • Table Tracking with reservations for Restaurants
  • Waiter Pager System
  • Kitchen Display Units to Stream Line Kitchen Orders
  • Table Transfer & Split Bill Function
  • Simple Cash up Procedure
  • Cashless System designed for Clubs & Schools
  • Customer Feedback Function


  • Full Live Stock Control with Recipes
  • Unlimited Departments and Locations
  • Stock Take by Location
  • Stock Take Via Hand Held Devices


  • Debtor, Staff, Management & Loyalty Accounts
  • SMS & Email gateway for loyalty, reservations & specials


  • Built in Ordering System
  • Easy Goods Receiving System


  • 12 User Levels
  • Application rights are easily set up
  • Clock In & Out function with Wages & Commission


  • Reports are all Date & Time driven
  • Easy Layout & Terminology
  • Sales Analysis is broken down by Performance & GP

Other Features

  • Hotel Reservations, Spa & Salon Interface
  • Multiple Stores
  • Built in Media Player
  • Pastel Interface
  • Head Office Management
  • Mobile Sales Dashboard
  • Log in by Finger Print Reader, Swipe Card, Dallas Key or Code on
  • Web based On-Line Reporting Function