Spend your capital on expanding your business, not your POS System !

Platinum Finance, Rent to own your system.

Why rent?

Renting makes sense when the assets or equipment being considered:

  • depreciates (lose rather than gain value over time or with use),
  • quickly become obsolete (and need regular replacement),
  • are only required for a certain period or project, with a remaining life and value thereafter,
  • are specialised, or you have the inability or limited logistics to dispose of,
  • viewed as non core assets that become expensive to maintain or increase total cost of ownership if not replaced, or
  • form part of operations where the assets are linked to income generation.

Stay ahead of the competition

You benefit from using assets and equipment, not owning them. Having the latest technology and equipment is an important part of staying competitive, but it can be an expensive struggle to keep up all the time. Storing all the old equipment can be a pain as well.

Renting enables you to enjoy full, uninterrupted use of the equipment and then to simply replace or upgrade it when the agreement comes to an end.

Read more about our exchange/upgrade options

Deal with depreciation

Since there is no large lump-sum required upfront, entering into a rental agreement for depreciating assets frees up capital that can be used for profit-generating initiatives and investments.

It allows you to purchase the equipment you need today, but spread the payment across its useful life in your business.

This approach can also prove very cost-effective because the periodic rental payments you make will usually be fixed for the term of the contract.

Maximise your purchasing power

A rental agreement enables you to stretch your current budget a lot further because you only have to cover the periodic rental payments, not the outright purchase.

This can give you up to 250% more buying power ? making it possible to procure more of what you need or to obtain specialised capital assets that would be too expensive otherwise.

It also enables you to fix your equipment costs with regular, predictable payments.

Platinum Cover, Extend your warranties from 3 to 5 Years .

Platinum offers the best in industry warranties with our standard 3 year plan. So why not extend our already no questions asked plan to 5 years?

Platinum Insure, insure your system for theft, damage and power related issues .

Why not insure your POS system with the supplier?

  • No Assessor or damage reports to fill in
  • No “under insured or not specified”  excuses
  • immediate Replacement policy
  • no increase in your premiums after claims

Platinum Exchange and Upgrade Options, don’t get left behind when Technology changes.

Do you want one of our new hardware options? No Problem.

We offer great deals on trade ins and upgrades.

Point of Sale

  • Order Screens are designed for minimal finger presses
  • Quick Cash Buttons ($100, $50, $20, $10, $5) speed up transactions
  • Integrate with Platinum Handhelds
  • Table Tracking with reservations for Restaurants
  • Waiter Pager System
  • Kitchen Display Units to Stream Line Kitchen Orders
  • Table Transfer & Split Bill Function
  • Simple Cash up Procedure
  • Cashless System designed for Clubs & Schools
  • Customer Feedback Function


  • Full Live Stock Control with Recipes
  • Unlimited Departments and Locations
  • Stock Take by Location
  • Stock Take Via Hand Held Devices


  • Debtor, Staff, Management & Loyalty Accounts
  • SMS & Email gateway for loyalty, reservations & specials


  • Built in Ordering System
  • Easy Goods Receiving System


  • 12 User Levels
  • Application rights are easily set up
  • Clock In & Out function with Wages & Commission


  • Reports are all Date & Time driven
  • Easy Layout & Terminology
  • Sales Analysis is broken down by Performance & GP

Other Features

  • Hotel Reservations, Spa & Salon Interface
  • Multiple Stores
  • Built in Media Player
  • Pastel Interface
  • Head Office Management
  • Mobile Sales Dashboard
  • Log in by Finger Print Reader, Swipe Card, Dallas Key or Code on
  • Web based On-Line Reporting Function