No More Need for the Worst-Case Scenario!

Want to have back up power at your retail storeprivate home, office or factory? Inverter units of all shapes and sizes available  – YOU CAN NOW HAVE THE POWER!

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Clean, quiet, extremely user friendly and the latest in technology emergency backup battery power units available (no old school generators) – with up to 7 hours back up time!

Platinum’s Inverter/ Emergency Power System (EPS) utilize state-of-art Microcontroller technology for the supply of lighting, generator, heater, refrigerator, motor, and other apparatus to provide resources during crisis or failure of regular systems.

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The competitive design does not only make it the best choice generators but flexible enough to be adopted as UPS for computers and other sensitive equipment. As it accommodates external batteries which is hot-swappable and easily plugged in, the EPS supplies a consistent 220 output voltage in the event of a complete power loss, severe brownout or over-voltage.

Inverter options (see runtime guide below):

1200VA / 720w – Includes 1 x 100ah battery

2400VA / 1440W – Includes 2 x 100ah batteries

3500VA / 2450W – Includes 2 x 200ah batteries

5000VA / 3500W – Includes 4 x 200ah batteries

7500VA / 5250W – Includes 4 x 200ah batteries

Inverter runtime

Series features:

– Noiseless, Fuel and Maintenance Free
– High Charging Current for Quick Recharging – Up to 5 times faster
– Bypass Mode Allows for Charge Only
– Generator Compatible Allows Longer Runtime
– Unlimited Battery Expansion Capability to Increase Runtime
– UPS Function for Auto-Changeover
– Affordable DC Input Voltage- Minimum 12V battery required
– Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
– Brownout and Over Voltage Protector
– Multifunction LCD Readout
– Wheel & Carry Handle available
– Small & Light in Dimension
– Reverse Polarity Warning
– Manual Switch
– SNMP/HTTP Remote Management Capability

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