Tips on running a profitable business

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· Keep a close eye on stock, do regular stock takes and ensure good receiving is done correctly

· Follow you Gross Profit Margins closely

· Know which items are low or high cost items

· Ensure cash ups are being done correctly

· Pay attention to your Variances, this is where your business is losing money

Monitoring Void Reports

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Monitoring void reports on your point of sale system is vital. Its not enough to just sit back and know that the security is there when a void takes place. The void transactions need to be monitored and scrutinized at least weekly or even daily.

Platinum Point of Sale gives you the ability to track voids, by date, time,user,work station, reason and authorized user as well as the total value of voids. The report can be printed out or even viewed on screen, its up to you to ask your managers the important questions, who, where, what and why ?

Make use of the full security of the system and reap the rewards. If you start questioning staff and voids and following up you will be surprised how the amount of voided items will decrease.

Get peace of mind with Platinum Point of Sale.




Restaurant – Tips on Stock Control

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Stock control is an essential part of any business. Monitoring stock movement closely and acting on any irregularities is a vital part of business management. Platinum Point of Sale offers all the relevant reporting at a click of a button to manage your stock with ease.

By creating and managing your recipes the system is able to deduct your ingredient stock as the unit is sold. This does not only ensure that when your item is sold all the associated items of that dish are deducted from stock it also ensures your costing and GP% stays constant and up to date. The minute there is a change in costing in one ingredient Platinum POS will update all the associated items. e.g. if you use bacon in 15 different dishes, the minute “Bacon” goes up or down in price, so will the cost of the dishes that contain that ingredient. A vital part of your system!

Tips for Efficient Stock Control:

  • Have one person responsible for stock control, that person will then take ownership of the process and will be responsible for managing the system
  • Ensure you have a stock taking schedule – Weekly or Monthly – Take regular stock counts of hi-cost items, like Meat, Chicken, Fish and Dairy.
  • Act on your Variances! – Don’t accept a variance for what it is. Find out where it came from, is it a:
    • Counting Error
    • Good Receiving Error – Someone accidentally GRV’d the item incorrectly.
    • Recipe Error – Maybe a recipe associated with that item is taking off too much or too little
    • Opening Stock Error – maybe the opening stock of the last stock count was incorrect.
  • Keep physical stock counts – ensure that you keep the stock take sheets of every stock count. Refer back to them when they are variance queries



Restaurant – Keep Your Waitrons on The Floor

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  • Are you tired of seeing your waitrons spending time in the kitchen, explaining to the chef what is required?
  • Shouldn’t they be on the floor looking after your customers?

Platinum POS is designed in such a way to minimize the staff having to be around the kitchen and explaining the order to the chef.

By ensuring each screen prompts the waitron with the right question we are able to make sure the staff do not need to go back to the kitchen to explain their order. Therefore making the waitrons available on the floor for your customers.

How can i improve service in my restaurant by keeping my waitrons on the floor:

  • Implement our famous “Waitron Call System” and the chef can call the waitron when the food is ready or if they are required in the kitchen.
  • Make sure the waitrons know what is NOT available for the day. Update the Platinum Notice Board daily to keep the staff informed
  • Add as many default “Kitchen Prep Messages” on the system as you like, this will ensure the waitron can key in the order in quickly and efficiently.

By implementing Platinum POS in your restaurant you can ensure that your are delivering top class service to your customers.

Platinum POS Goes Mobile

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Go Mobile with Platinum Point of Sale!Tablet

We are proud to introduce our Platinum Handhelds units. Increase the speed of service in your restaurant by implementing our handheld devices. Allow the waitrons to process orders and up sell to the customer at the table. Improve the speed of service by serving more customers quickly and efficiently with specials and all of your pricing available at your fingertips.


Allow managers to handle the floor by quickly authorizing voids and seating guests, view order times and ensure customers are receiving their orders in the required time frame.

Take your business to the next level, give us a call today!


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