Stock control is an essential part of any business. Monitoring stock movement closely and acting on any irregularities is a vital part of business management. Platinum Point of Sale offers all the relevant reporting at a click of a button to manage your stock with ease.

By creating and managing your recipes the system is able to deduct your ingredient stock as the unit is sold. This does not only ensure that when your item is sold all the associated items of that dish are deducted from stock it also ensures your costing and GP% stays constant and up to date. The minute there is a change in costing in one ingredient Platinum POS will update all the associated items. e.g. if you use bacon in 15 different dishes, the minute “Bacon” goes up or down in price, so will the cost of the dishes that contain that ingredient. A vital part of your system!

Tips for Efficient Stock Control:

  • Have one person responsible for stock control, that person will then take ownership of the process and will be responsible for managing the system
  • Ensure you have a stock taking schedule – Weekly or Monthly – Take regular stock counts of hi-cost items, like Meat, Chicken, Fish and Dairy.
  • Act on your Variances! – Don’t accept a variance for what it is. Find out where it came from, is it a:
    • Counting Error
    • Good Receiving Error – Someone accidentally GRV’d the item incorrectly.
    • Recipe Error – Maybe a recipe associated with that item is taking off too much or too little
    • Opening Stock Error – maybe the opening stock of the last stock count was incorrect.
  • Keep physical stock counts – ensure that you keep the stock take sheets of every stock count. Refer back to them when they are variance queries