• Are you tired of seeing your waitrons spending time in the kitchen, explaining to the chef what is required?
  • Shouldn’t they be on the floor looking after your customers?

Platinum POS is designed in such a way to minimize the staff having to be around the kitchen and explaining the order to the chef.

By ensuring each screen prompts the waitron with the right question we are able to make sure the staff do not need to go back to the kitchen to explain their order. Therefore making the waitrons available on the floor for your customers.

How can i improve service in my restaurant by keeping my waitrons on the floor:

  • Implement our famous “Waitron Call System” and the chef can call the waitron when the food is ready or if they are required in the kitchen.
  • Make sure the waitrons know what is NOT available for the day. Update the Platinum Notice Board daily to keep the staff informed
  • Add as many default “Kitchen Prep Messages” on the system as you like, this will ensure the waitron can key in the order in quickly and efficiently.

By implementing Platinum POS in your restaurant you can ensure that your are delivering top class service to your customers.